Our goal is to create a fun, safe, and controlled learning enviornment.  Lessons are $40 per hour session, $35 per person group rate, and $25 for 30 min session. 

If you want to enhance your horsemanship skills, our lessons are perfect for adults and children of any age.

Wofford Ranch specializes in year round horseback riding lessons, horsemanship, barrel racing, pole bending, goat tying,and rodeo queen coaching. We also offer birthday parties, summer camps, and group leisure rides.

We begin by matching you with one of our trained lesson horses based on your ability. During a riding lessons, you learn basic horse safety, how to groom and saddle your horse, the proper riding posture, controlled gaits, stopping, and turning. Our lessons are perfect for riders of all abilities as all private lessons are tailored specifically to the rider’s needs.

Lessons are offered year-round based on availability. All lessons are appointment only. We ask for reservations 5 days in advance. Lessons are offered Monday through Saturday. Please feel free to call Lily to book your lesson at 870-918-9348.